Act III – You know your fate is tied to mine?


“Madoura-sama! Please come to your senses! Do you really intend to get in our way?” Sailor Red Akane called out to Madoka.

Akane, even if she did have lesbian tendencies, even if interested in certain treasures, always had these feelings of friendship for Madoka (anyway, that’s how it is in the real world). Upon seeing Madoka… no, Madoura she seemed to drift into a fever.

“The one’s who haven’t come to their senses are all of you! You’re becoming the screw-ups of the Magic Army!”

“Don’t… don’t be stupid. The Tenshi were originally the loyal servants of the Devin Adeluf-sama. Don’t be so stubborn and hurry up, you must turn over the new virgin to the Devil-sama.”

Next to her, Manami, Sailor Pink, and Kurumi, Sailor Yellow, both said “Uh huh!” I didn’t know what had happened to them…

…Anyway, this Ayukawa Madoka, well, the Strayed Tenshi Madoura of Hatta’s Manga, appeared to be the ranking older sister. In other words, he had used the Stray girl from our junior high school days as the model.


Akane, with great feeling and preparation, spun her baton. Then, “Whatever you can do, you won’t get in our way.”

Madoura… er, Madoka, as she said this, Shu shu shu! A number of picks appeared between her fingers (picks, as in guitar picks) and she shot them towards Sailor Red. Come to think of it, the Madoka of that time was called “Madoka the Pick”!

Just like all those years ago (hey, pervert detective)… anyway, the Sailor Tenshi attacked.

The Sailor Tenshi started saying things like “Beautiful…” and “Miracle…” and “Blizzard…”, and all that performance stuff. But Madoka wasn’t about to lose.

Instead of a similar performance, she released her picks and presented more.

Although I watched all this dumbfounded, I soon said “It doesn’t need to be like this!” or some such, and began following the girls with my camera. There was no doubt that the personalities of the Sailor Tenshi had been changed. If the Elder had spoken the truth, I had to take a picture of this bad part of this world.

But anyway, “Madoura-sama, some one, you’ve been our friend. Madoura! Remember!” like that. They kept saying such bad things as they withdrew.

…Still, if I could show a photo to Kurumi and the others they might return to their conceivable selves.

“Hey, you okay?”

While she said this I picked up a few picks and went to her. I said, “You saved me, neh?… a ha ha…” Laughing with no real meaning to it.

The 15 year-old Madoka was a bit dazzling. While I did kind of miss this sailor-suit wearing girl… but since that time the Ayukawa Madoka before me and I had grown close… of course, there’s no reason she would know about the kisses… or the sex we’d had.

I, somehow only I knew her secret (well, her truth)… it might be some great crime but I was so glad to see her that I allowed myself to be wrapped up in that feeling.

“A, ah… Ayukawa…” I called her in the name I used before calling her Madoka. “Oh, hey do… you know my name?”

Madoka answered bluntly. “The stairs kid.”

“St.. stairs… k… kid?”

Maybe… maybe this was the girl who had only just met me at the top of the 100/99 stairs. I might not have told her my name yet.

“A ha… A ha ha ha…”

My memory of it came back, Madoka’s as well, we had had a lively exchange then, and had both laughed.

That’s it. That’s right. In this way this Kimagure Angel’s expression would change.

“I’m Kasuga Kyousuke.”

“Kasuga… Kyousuke?”

“Right. Ha ha ha… to put it bluntly, you and I will be close friends someday.”


“Na ha ha… It’s destiny.”


“Right.” I waved my hands before her face as if casting a spell. “Right right… Ayukawa Madoka… you are connected to me… just kidding…”

But Madoka swatted my hands away. “You must be joking!”

“Eh? Ah, we, well… maybe it’s too soon…”

“What are you talking about. Your head okay?”

“Hey, hey, hey, A… Ayukawa…”

If you think about it, this was awfully brave of me. There’s no reason for the Madoka of that time to believe my story.

I acted confused and changed the subject.

“Um, anyway. Why do they call you the Stray Tenshi Madoura?”

Ayukawa shrugged her shoulders like anyone else would. “Who knows. Ever since I can remember. Yes. Ever since… those kids have thought I’m another Angel…”

“And before you realized it, they thought you were bad.”

“Ah, Hmm.” Madoka murmured in spite of herself, biting her lip as if a bit embarrassed.

Anything that the “real” Kappaneko took a picture of would be brought to this world, with little memory left to them. This Madoka would carry some doubts.



I had snuck a peek at her, and she quickly lifted her head my way.


“You look like you’re trying to laugh.”

Now I knew why the Sailor Tenshi had gone crazy. It was Kazuya’s fault. But form all that, I still thought it strange that Madoka had been so seriously worried about them.

“It’s a laugh, isn’t it? Such a strange laugh.”

“I’m not laughing!”


“No… no lie! But why? Why are you the only one who hasn’t gone crazy?”

“Oh, that’s easy.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Because I’m an incomplete angel. According to the Goddess I can’t follow them.”

I see. That’s her role.

“Therefore, ‘Stray Tenshi’. From the start I was neither bad nor good. Because I’m still a bit kimagure, I’m the only one who can same my former half-sister Sailor Tenshi.”

“A ha… Kimagure, kimagure.”


“Un, er, nothing, nothing.”

But just then, with a sudden jerk Madoka’s face came closer. She looked at my face mysteriously, but closely.

“A, Ayukawa… what’s up?”

“Neh, what you said before, is it true?”


“That we’re going to be very close. That story.”

“What’s this all of a sudden! I was pretty beat up before.

“But… it’s like you’re older.”

“O… older?”

“Kasuga-kun’s face. After meeting at the stairs, so much like him.”

Ga… gack! Shock!

Good god, she couldn’t possible remember it this way. But… somehow, no doubt about it, this Madoka could see me in the 22-year old Ojisan I now am.

“Somehow… Ojisan Kasuga-kun must have a reason for being here.”

“A, Ayukawa…”

I braced myself for it, then seriously looked at Madoka again.

“Anyway, Ayukawa. You want to hear Ojisan’s story?”

15-year old Madoka looked me straight in the eye. I looked at this Madoka over and over. This time, Ayukawa Madoka… so gently… if she fully opened her heart… anyway, to listen to the story with all her heart. In no way could she turn against me… those glittering eyes searched me so deeply.

I gulped and swallowed a bit of saliva, and I began to tell her what made up this world.

First of all, this guy Hatta you know (will know?) willfully created this world where the Kappaneko bring girls here. Then, the empowered Kazuya came along and everything went nuts.

Madoka, after my tale was done, let out a small sigh then fell silent.

She didn’t believe it immediately. But her brow drifted into a bit of a frown, and she seemed to put my story into context.

From somewhere the wind blew. The wind blew her hair in front of her lips, and Ayukawa Madoka entangled her hair in her fingers.

This unconcerned manner… was so cute. I regretted just a bit that ‘this’ me couldn’t hold her tight.

After a little while, Madoka’s normal look returned. Even a slight smile.

“Say, Ojisan… Kasuga-kun?”

“Huh? Hey hey, it’s a little early to be calling me ‘Ojisan’.”

She laughed. “So you have come to save this crazy world?”

“More or less… you believe me?”

The 15-year old Madoka got a dreamy look in her eyes.


As if a bit embarrassed, she looked me in the face.

“Wh… what?”

“Us… just how close are we?”


“How close… we will be?”

“A, Ayukawa…!”

Then came a bit of good timing.

…However, this time… I mean the time I had just met Ayukawa, despite the fact that I had decided…

“Kyaha! Kyada kyada! Darling… are you there?” Hikaru-chan’s piercing voice broke the two of us apart.

A, er, well it’s not really Hikaru-chan’s fault. Reflexively Madoka and I drew apart.

Hikaru-chan had been thrown in the direction of the Kappaneko village by the shock of Madoka’s counterattack against the Sailor Tenshi’s skilled attack, it seemed.

…But, be that as it may.

“Hi… Hikaru?”

“Eh? No way! If it isn’t Madoka-san!”

What? Hikaru-chan knows Madoka? I see. Hikaru-chan and Madoka both had their pictures taken by the original Kappaneko.

Anyway, upon first meeting in this world both gave a surprised shout to each other and hugged.

…This was getting complicated.

“Wah… Madoka-san saved us, didn’t she! Hikaru is so moved!”

Hikaru-chan, and of course Madoka, were always together in those days, and were so happy.

…But!… “Hikaru-chan, what’s up with the wedding dress?” A new development.

It started with “Kyaha! I knew you’d ask me that, Madoka-san!”

…Hikaru-chan with great pride began explaining the story. It had been going so well with Madoka… and now I felt I should start running.

And then, “So after all that, Darling and I are going to sleep together…!”

As soon as Hikaru-chan said it (and my breath caught up in my throat) just like in the old days, this air that nothing had happened between us fell in one stroke.

Of course, Super Hikaru-chan never noticed. She just beamed brightly.

I think Madoka said, “I’m not very comfortable with you getting married at 13…”

“But, darling knows how to do it well, he said. Trust me! I think…” she finally said (he he he).

Then came the last straw.

“Hey, one more thing one more thing, Madoka-san? Madoka-san absolutely, absolutely, must come to mine and darling’s newlywed house to have fun to,” she said, grabbing onto my arm. (Uwaaa!)

Madoka, maybe… gave a little twitch upon hearing this. (Maybe. Like hell. Absolutely!)

“I see. Good for you, Hikaru. Decided to sleep with a good man.”

She gave me an icy stare, then turned on her heel.

“Hey her, A, Ayukawa…”

I wanted to hastily pull her back. But she gave me a sharp stare like crystal, and said, “Eh… become close, will we?”

“A, Ayukawa!”

“What’s this about, Madoka-san? Become close, darling and I?”

“Hi… Hikaru-chan!”

“Looks that way. Seems that Kasuga-kun can see the future. He said he can absolutely see the future.”

“He… hey, Ayukawa…”

“Aaan, darling, he can do anything…”

“Ah, now hold on…”

While I pried Hikaru-chan’s hands off of me, Madoka began to withdraw.

“Madoka-san, you’ll go, won’t you? Absolutely, absolutely, please come to our Newlywed house.”

“Hi… Hikaru-chan…”

Madoka glared again (!) then laughed (!) and said, “Hikaru, what would be a good wedding gift; think about it, okay!”

“Got it! Madoka-san.”

…Kasuga Kyousuke, 22 years old. The fact that the person I am now is going through the same type of situation I had in my High School days… I never dreams this would happen.

Happy, sad… no real emotion at all, and yet I’ve fallen into this complicated emotional state…

However… upon returning to the Kappaneko village, once again, just like when Hikaru-chan first put on the wedding dress, something that made me very nervous happened.

Ayukawa Madoka was carried off by the Devil Adeluf.


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