Act II - Are you really the Kimagure Angel?


“Hey, I’ve seen this type of place before.”

When I arrived at the Kappaneko country I protected my eyes in spite of myself.

The clan’s home was in the midst of still more towering trees, and up the thick trunks of those trees there were small rooms. From room to room were these round, thick bridges you could use to go back and forth, and there were many places you could hold rituals and ceremonies.

In other words, the clan’s entire life was up in the trees; sort of in a fantastic or dream-like village.

“He he, of course you’ve seen this, Kyousuke-niichan. It comes from Star Wars.”

The Kappaneko were on the other side of me (still in the net) so Kazuya spoke in a small voice.

“Star Wars?” As soon as I said it I saw what he meant. It was entirely like the Ewok forest.

“That damned Hatta snaps up everything.”

“Ha ha ha – that’s what makes Hatta-san’s Manga so interesting.”

“Damn… but come on, Kazuya! Going into the world of a Manga!”

Bonk. My body came free of the net and I whacked Kazuya on the head.

“Ow! That hurt! That hurt!”

“Overreacting just a bit, aren’t you? It wasn’t that big a hit.”

“Man… the Kappaneko are really unspoiled, you know.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The Elder says, absolutely, you never hit anyone from the clan on the plate.”

Come to think of it, the Kappaneko were deliberately avoiding the plate on the top of the head. Well, this plate is how things get burned into the human world, just like a camera negative, so perhaps it’s not so strange. (Hey, Kasuga Kyousuke, you’re gradually starting to think like Hatta!)

I, along with Kazuya and countless Kappaneko, climbed to the village in the treetops. Then I noticed what I hadn’t seen from below; the village seemed run down here and there.

Here and there beams of sunlight shone through burned holes, and what’s more, the meeting hall in the trunk of this great tree looked like some kind of huge battle had scooped a huge chunk away.

“Hay, hey, Kazuya. What happened here?”

“Hmm… looks like the work of the Sailor Tenshi.”

“Sailor Tenshi? But aren’t those girls, aren’t they the good guys in the Manga?”

“That’s right. But now, the Devil Adeluf got his hands on them. I haven’t seen them yet myself.”

“Hey hey…”

“According to the Elder’s story, Adeluf has carried off every girl that can be called girl of this world.”

“W… Girls?”

“Um, yes. Only Hikaru-neechan from this country was left behind. That’s why the Elder wants Hikaru-neechan and Kyousuke-niichan to hurry up and get married.”

“But… No way…”

“See, if Hikaru-neechan is married, they won’t be invaded anymore you see?”

Shit. Seems this grade-schooler still doesn’t really understand with a Virgin is.

Well, I had no idea if this was the story that Hatta’s Manga followed or not. The gist of it is, the Devil Adeluf has taken all of the virgin girls of this world (probably girls flashed into this world from the human world by the Kappaneko) for his own pleasure (what kind of pleasure I wonder) and Hikaru-chan was the only virgin… ah… well… girl left so of course she was a target.

And just then.

“Zat’s a right. Just as he said, Kasuga-kun.” The Elder said this from the place on the meeting platform he had moved to, and was waiting eagerly.

Next to me, Hikaru-chan said, “U…hu…, Darling…!” or something like that. This eagerness… interesting, coming from the Hikaru-chan I first met (that’s Hikaru-chan all right). With an innocent smile she waved to me.

“Oy, oy, ‘Zat’s a right” he said. Have you nothing to say to me? Kazuya. Can the Elder look into people’s hearts like you do?”

“Eh? A, yes. But, well, I got into this world, didn’t I? Things like this aren’t so strange. So maybe…”

So maybe… Got it.

The Sailor Tenshi of Justice had turned bad, the Devil Adeluf for some reason needed a virgin – it was all Kazuya’s fault. Hatta’s story, in accordance with Kazuya’s wish had cast an irresponsible impression into it all, making big changes in the story.

“Oy, Kazuya. What did you do when you entered the Manga?”

“I tried to become the Devil Adeluf. He’s cool.”

“Shit! So you wanted to be Adeluf. Why are you a Kappaneko?”

“That’s just it! First, I thought I’d bump heads with Adeluf and change places with him.”

Kazuya and I had both accidentally and on purpose done this many times. By bumping heads with another, you enter the other’s body while the other in turn enters yours.


He laughed. “Don’t ask me that Kyousuke-niichan. I failed every time! When I tried to ‘papaaaan’ that Adeluf, I mean I made flight calculations and everything, the Kappaneko would notice and try to stop me… Niichan, let’s hurry and go back to the human world. I was invited to Emi-chan’s birthday party…” he whined.

“Idiot. I know.”

I knocked Kazuya lightly on the head one more time, and while I didn’t mind him starting to whine I walked towards the Elder.

“Elder. I’ve more or less heard the story from Kazuya. I’m afraid I have to turn you down.”

“Hmm. Then, upon leaving this dream Hatta-Sensei has created. This country’s dangers will never cease.”

While listening to the Elder’s words I pulled out my camera to start to take a picture of this broken-down forest. Now, if I took a picture of the bad things happening to this place peace would return… then I thought of something that really bothered me.

“In this world, whenever a virgin disappears the spirit of the souls of the dead that have crossed over get weaker,” the Elder said.

“The spirit… of the dead?”

“That’s right darling. Originally the Kappaneko clan called upon the gods who protect the forest. Usually in the clan’s forest the souls of the dead get together in the forest… even if attacked from the outside a perfect barrier exists. …But now…”

“Hmm. But now the virgin power of Hikaru is the only power supporting our land.”

“That’s bad… Bu… but, Elder. A, Um, Something I need to ask. If Hikaru-chan and I… in other words… do it… what I mean is, if Hikaru-chan is no longer a virgin, Na ha ha ha…” (This is no laughing matter!)

“Kyaa! Kyada kyada darling! Such a display for me!”

Hikaru-chan smacked me hard on the shoulder.

“A, I, no, wait a moment Hikaru-chan… Elder, in other words, if Hikaru-chan and I were tied together like this…”


“Then… this virgin power, you wouldn’t have it anymore, would you?”

Chi chi chi… Each one of these wasn’t the sound of some singing little bird. The Elder made this affectation, waving his finger left and right and pointing at me.”

“No… no… no… That’s wrong, Kyousuke-kun. Chi chi chi…”

“Wrong darling, chi… chi… chi…”

Hikaru-chan, not you too!

“What we mean is that once Hikaru is bonded to you this way… Itza means… it’s the end.”

“The end you know, darling?”

“The stronger the bond of love between a human man and woman, the more power…”

“The more power…”

“For all eternity, the power of that source will flow…!”

“Ooooh…!” At that moment the Kappaneko all rose up and applauded.


The world of this irresponsible Mange had been tossed into such disarray.

But if nothing was done, they… the Kappaneko clan, this world’s Hikaru-chan, even the real world’s Kazuya didn’t know what would happen.

“Not so, Kyousuke-kun.”


“We know what will happen. We will become extinct.”

“Ex… extinct?”

The Elder, Hikaru-chan, Kazuya, hell everyone seemed to become depressed.

“No… no way.”

“We’re out of time. Everyone! We’re going to hold Hikaru’s wedding ceremony immediately. Hikaru, get changed. Get into your wedding dress.”

“Yes Elder!”

“Waah, hey, wait Hi… Hikaru-chan!”

“Kyousuke-kun. By the way, you’re experienced, aren’t you…”


Ex… Experienced! He’s interrogating me about… about…!

“Ah, yes… um… well… I guess…”

Hikaru-chan gave out an exclamation in a non-understanding sort of voice, and hid behind the Elder’s back. Ah, no, Hikaru-chan was being resolute about this, so it really didn’t seem like hiding.

“Hmm. So dependable. This will save our land.”

“Ah, well, E… Elder…”

“Darling, I’ll be back. Please wait for me. I’m going to go become a beautiful bride for you.”

“Hi… Hikaru-chan.”

Hikaru-chan was drawn away by many Kappaneko females (?) and left the meeting area.

This was getting more and more unbelievable.

The Kappaneko clan quickly milled about to get the wedding clothes ready, and some of them played these large drum-like things to perform music while others put together some sort of scaffold on the platform.

“Hey, hey hey, Kazuya. What are they putting together?”

I grabbed hold of Kazuya and pointed while the Kappaneko worked furiously.

“Huh? Come on. It’s decided. Kyousuke-niichan, you’re marrying, right?”

“Ah, well… it’s kind of been decided… not.”

“Well then, this is important!”


“Bed! It’s a bed!”

“B… bed?”

“Yup. Even once you’ve kissed Hikaru-neechan, there’s more important things, yes?”

“Now look here…”

“The Elder expressly stated it has to be strongly built.”


“Hey hey, anyway, why if you kiss her does that have to be so strong?”

“Shut up shut up. Go look it up in a pervert’s magazine!”

Kazuya gave me this stupid look, and soon the work of our Kappaneko friends was done.

They… maybe they had studied the rough seas of life and had come to understand it a bit.

… Or something like that. They were thinking anything was okay. Suddenly, “Pokkon!” this terrible violent sound reverberated throughout the countryside.

“Wha… what what?”

I drew near the confusion in the clearing below. Kazuya and the Kappaneko gave out an emergency call and Kazuya dashed up to me.

“Bi… big trouble, Kyousuke-niichan. The Sailor Tenshi are attacking.”

“Wha… what did you say?”

Just then, atop the just completed scaffold-like bed were one, two, then three beautiful girls in flashy, tight sailor suits (on top of that, the skirts were super mini) landed.

…Beautiful girls?

A, well, in spite of myself I did say beautiful girls, and generally speaking you could say so. But when I saw them that wasn’t what I was thinking.

Why? Well, for me these three sailor girl’s very existence was all too familiar.

“A… Akane! Manami! Kurumi! What the hell are you doing here?”

That’s right that’s right. First in red, pink and then yellow, these very un-pure (Hatta’s taste!) sailor suit-wearing girls were, my Cousin Akane, and my two younger twin sisters.

“Whoa! Akane-neechan and the others are the Sailor Tenshi…! Cool!”

“You idiot! This is nothing to be happy about. This and the rest of the mess this world is in is your fault!”

Gong! I smacked Kazuya on the head again.

But it was strange. Akane and the others who had appeared before Kazuya and I had no idea who we were (ooooh… what the hell was going on?)

Shun shun shun! If I remembered right, the Tenshi in the red sailor suit was the leader. That one faced her enemies and waved her baton like a weapon… now she struck a pose from the level she stood upon.

“The virgin girl you have hidden, kept in secret from the Devin Adeluf-sama…”

And so on and so on. The same kind of speech the bad guys always give.

“…Furthermore! The intention to have this man of the human world, wherever he comes from, to have him have sex with…”

Hey, hey!

“We, the Devil Sailor Tenshi, absolutely, absolutely cannot forgive! Wicked hearts… will be served!”

Then with a flourish her miniskirt waved, exposing a lot of thigh, then she struck a decisive pose.

“Whoa… go, go, Akane-neechan!”

“Hey, hey, Kazuya!”

“I know, but it’s a bit wrong.”

“Wha… what is?”

“Wicked hearts… will be served, she said, but it should be Hearts of Justice… will be served!”

“Well right now I don’t care which it is!”

Pashuu! The Sailor Tenshi, in perfect precision, flew into the air (wings flapped from the collars of their uniforms!)

“Beautiful Dream Typhoon!” With those words a bright beam of light commenced their attack.


Just as Hatta-sensei would have liked, the Sailor Tenshi’s flashy attack in an instant broke he peace of the Kappaneko village.

“Everyone! We’re under attack! We must protect country to the death until Hikaru’s wedding!”

Once the Elder spoke, everyone raised their weapons in unison. However, the opponents of the protagonists in an adult Manga just aren’t up to the task. Akane and the others… no… even before the Sailor Tenshi’s attack the Kappaneko were scrambling and falling over each other.

“Ah… Darling!”

At that moment, a white wedding dress-clad Hikaru-chan came running up.

“Hi… Hikaru-chan!”

It was… once again it was unbelievable… She was such a beautiful bride… for that moment, I didn’t want to look at anything else.

Ma… Madoka, I’m sorry… but Hikaru-chan was so pretty.

“I… I thought it would be like this.”

It was Kazuya who spoke the words that were in my heart.

“H… hey, Kazuya! I told you not to look into other people’s hearts!”

“Ke… ke… what do you mean, Kyousuke-neechan. You’re the one being a pervert in this emergency.”

“Huh? A, well, no…”

“Ah… darling. What are we going to do?”

Hikaru-chan looked as if about to cry and was clinging to my arm.

“Hi… Hikaru-chan!”

“Eh, Hikaru-neechan, you’re blushing!”

“Kyada kyada! Kazuya-kun, you shouldn’t tease the older girls you know,” she said, looking shy, but then, “I’m blushing? Darling?” she asked without any embarrassment, as if there was no one else around.

“Wa… wait a moment Hikaru-chan. This isn’t the time or place for this. This is…”

But at that instant Hikaru-chan vanished from right in front of me.

“Wh… what?”

“Kyousuke-niichan! Manami-neechan, no, Sailor Pink has Hikaru-neechan!”


I looked in the direction Kazuya was pointing, and saw Hikaru-chan floating in an engulfing whirlpool of pink light (no, more like captured). This pink whirlpool of light was being lifted by the Pink Sailor Tenshi, with a similar light coming from a stick she held.

“Kyousuke0niichan, Sailor Pink’s special power is ‘The Pink Sigh’!”

Pink… sigh? That son of a bitch Hatta. When I get back to the real world our friendship is over!

“A…. re…. Da… rl… ing!”

“Hi… Hikaru-chan!”

In the Kasuga family household, we have a rule to never show The Power in front of other people.

But… but these weren’t ordinary people. These were bad Angels. Furthermore, even if we were in a Manga, these were my sisters and cousin. I could see nothing bad about it here.


I made a big leap towards Manami, and teleported.

“Yeah! Kyousuke-niichan! Go for it!”

Kazuya gave me a nonchalant cheer. I didn’t mind, and I appeared next to Manami saying “Hey, Manami, give me back Hikaru-chan!”

Ga! The stick dropped from the powerful girl’s hands.

“Akyan! Oh… oh no!”

At that same moment, the whirlpool of pink light vanished.

“Kyada! Kyada!…..”

Hikaru-chan fell straight downwards.

“No… not good!”

Once again I teleported. So one moment she was falling, and the next instant I was holding her to my chest.


“Yada… I’m impressed! You used magic, didn’t you darling!”

“Ma… magic? Er, well, ah… it’s…”

“So cool so cool so cool! You whistled, and you flew in the air! That means that maybe just maybe, my child can use magic too?”


“Oh, yada… surely before I die I’ll have a cute child, darling?”

“Wa… wait a moment, Hi… Hikaru-chan…”

Just at that moment Hikaru-chan and I were again engulfed in a violent whirlpool of light and were blown apart from each other.


“Hi… Hikaru-chan!”

While flying away, I desperately tried to catch on to Hikaru-chan.

…But, bam! Something struck my entire body, and I was knocked cold.


I regained consciousness… I think… shortly afterwards… it seemed.

For some reason I was surrounded by my sisters… no, the faces of the Sailor Tenshi, and a bit away from me could be seen fire and smoke coming from the Kappaneko village.

Tha… that’s right. Hikaru-chan?

In my confused, half-awake state, I looked around me.

Hikaru-chan was gone. Instead, a new girl stood there, making me want to shout “no way!”

If I looked back at the changed Sailor Tenshi, all three had undergone a complete change; their faces now tense. And the didn’t seem to care a bit about me.

Probably the light that had struck Hikaru-chan and I had been caused by the Sailor Tenshi. But now, they turned their attention away from me and gave a fierce look to the new girl, their present opponent.

Somewhere a navy blue sailor suit. Dark, long black hair. Those penetrating eyes that show straight at the Sailor Tenshi.

I slowly stood up and knew this sailor-suited girl was familiar. This girl, probably from this world, I called out to.

“A… Ayukawa… Madoka, right?”

Then Madoka, the girl who some years later I would sleep with… a… er… whose fate I would be so tied to, gave me a hard stare upon hearing me speak.

“Don’t use that name so familiar. Even if I did give you the straw hat!”

Straw hat?… The Red Straw Hat?

This slightly different Tenshi called Madoura, unlike Akane and the others, knew me. On top of that this Madoura from Hatta’s Manga didn’t really seem the same as the real Madoka.

In other words, this one came from the Manga or Kazuya’s imagination. The traditional Kappaneko had come to reality… that time… sometime after we had met on those stairs, and according to the real Kappaneko ways had taken her picture.


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