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    This is the first page in the city of Szczecin, about the Kimagure Orange Road (KOR) series (Manga & Anime). Shortly, in a few words   I would like to introduce you by this storyline...:

    "Kyosuke Kasuga has moved in this city with his family. Father of a cameraman and twin sisters: Manami and Kurumi. He's an average high school boy except only one thing that his all family have powers of ESP! At the first day in this city he has met a pretty girl whose name is Ayukawa Madoka. He becomes classmates with her and much charmed with her. But love is unable to to have its way even with his powers of ESP. On the one hand, Hiyama Hikaru, who has been loving dearly Madoka like a sister from her childhood, is somehow fallen deeply in love with Kyosuke. In this way the eternal triangle has been formed happily......"

    What can I say... In my opinion Kimagure Orange Road is the best drama/romantic Anime I've ever seen. "Three lovers, two lives, across a sea of time...".

    For original tapes and DVD's, please visit ADV Films  (the offer Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning DVD for $29.98) and AnimEigo (there you can buy TV series, OAV and "Ano Hi ni Kaeritai" movie on tapes and DVD's). All products are in NTSC and Region 1 DVD American format. You can also buy KOR products at The Anime Corner Store

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What kinds of formats does KOR exist in?

18 volumes of manga (10 in wideban version),

3 Novels of ShinKOR by Matsumoto Izumi and Terada Kenji, 

48 TV episodes,

1 pilot episode with a different voice cast,

1 40 minute "Tanabata" (a Japanese holiday) special,

1 60 minute "Episode 49," a flashback of the 48 episodes,

8 OAV's (Original Animated Video),

1 Theatrical Release - "Ano Hi ni Kaeritai" Movie,

1 Movie "ShinKOR - The Summer Beginning".


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KOR Pictures
KOR Documents & Novels
KOR Music

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